Homeward Bound

As I sat on my deck enjoying the rare sunshine and 65° warmth this afternoon, sipping my post nap coffee, gazing at the heavens, floating up there among the clouds, I heard a familiar sound in the distance. As always, my heart rose up there with them as they flew above me, honking with pure joy and what I perceived as exhilaration to just be flying, traveling, moving on. Continue reading “Homeward Bound”

Myth Busting

I finally, after much coaxing, was able to get an online contact who was (more or less) a self-identified conservative to lay out for me his views and opinions. I was particularly interested in how and why he viewed “Liberals” the way he did. It validated my belief that there is a mountain of misinformation about what ‘liberals’ believe, who they are, and what they want to accomplish. As I have long suspected, “The Liberals” aka “you libtards” is a straw man, it doesn’t actually exist, but has been created as a bogeyman for ‘the base’ to be riled up to fight against. Taken all together, this is the mother of all Big Lies. Unfortunately every attempt to argue, persuade, or flat out criticize conservatives is taken as proof that we are who they think we are. Tricky business to overcome this Continue reading “Myth Busting”