Whose Mental Illness?


The following was my response after reading the above

What is it about Conservatism that seduces otherwise bright and ambitious young minds such as those described by Brock? What is it about whatever it is they think they are fighting against that allows them to justify such obviously evil and unethical actions to win that fight? They are fighting for greed and selfishness, power and money, and against those various people and movements who wish to work for “our better angels.”

I’ve always found it even more confusing and ironic that they targeted the Clintons as their enemy and unleashed at them such unrelenting hatred, basically attacking them for being like them, corrupt, greedy, power hungry, etc. while simultaneously sounding ridiculous alarms about creeping socialism, nanny states, welfare queens, and all the rest of the RW propaganda Big Lies.

The irony of the popular RW meme “Liberalism is a mental illness” tilts the ‘pot calling the kettle black’ meter way past red line. Conservatism, taken to the point that the wealthy privileged young ideologues and operatives that populate its core “intellectual” upper echelons have, is clearly a disease bordering on psychopathy.

Equal time section: What is happening allegedly on college campuses, and now across the media, especially social media, by the political correctness police, the self titled ‘social justice warriors,’ is also a disease, at least in our society, if not an actual mental illness, and borders on totalitarianism. It is decidedly NOT “liberal” or “Liberal” by any means and NOT “leftist” in any way that I can see. But it is the antithesis of “conservatism” and an unfortunate liability for “the Left” as they call anyone who is not “the Right” and therefore for all of the “Resistance” as we call those of us who oppose the aberration known as conservatism, as it is easily and effectively conflated with “the Liberals” (their other demonized term for everyone who is not one of them) by the RW propaganda machine.

It is not a good time to be alive if you have a penchant for trying to make sense of things. LOL.

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