Trailer Trash

Ok, it’s not nice to call them that, not politically correct, if you will. But it conjures up an image and a demographic stereotype that is based on real world observation.

This guy, Thomas Gieseke, posted a painting he did of Trump as a red neck trailer park ‘patriot.’ It was pretty on the mark. It was funny, I guess, if you weren’t a trailer park dweller or a Trump supporter.

“Trailer Park Nation”. 24” X 24” (60.96 cm X 60.96 cm) Acrylic on…

Posted by Thomas Gieseke on Wednesday, August 16, 2017

But this post is not about the political correctness of using the term ‘trailer trash’. It’s about trying to understand why ‘they’ voted for Trump.

Hence I made this comment on the post on Facebook:

Up the road from me in rural PA is an old very rundown trailer home with a bunch of add on shacks, tarps, lean-tos, etc., surrounded by rusted out cars and other trash. Their Trump sign still stands at the roadside next to their mailbox. I met the woman who lives there 15 years ago after her boyfriend burned down the beautiful old 100 year old PA Dutch barn on the land thru negligence. I was scrounging for any remnants of the old hardware or salvageable items of collectible value in the ruins (I’d tracked down the landowner and got permission.) She came out clutching her pack of smokes and volunteered that she was on disability within a minute. She appeared able bodied and healthy, roughly mid 30s, not unattractive. She told me how her boyfriend picked up money in summer mowing lawns. “He’s a good man,” she said. One assumes they were also on welfare as she had a daughter 13 at the time, and foodstamps as well. Yet they are Republicans and proud Trump supporters still.

If anyone can explain why folks in that cultural demographic would even consider voting for someone like Trump, let alone the religious-like devotion to him, I’d love to hear it.

If you are in fact one of those folks…WTF? Can you explain why you’d vote for someone who is clearly your enemy in every way?

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