The Big Lie

The basic Big Lie from conservatives is that Democrats ‘tax and spend’ — as opposed to ‘borrow and spend’ or ‘steal and spend’ as they perpetually do when in power. They then blame the deficits and skyrocketing debt on Democrats when they return to power and try to clean up the mess. They use that as an excuse to obstruct anything and everything Democrats try to accomplish.

There are various corollaries to the Big Lie which are often found in various statements that are basically ‘dog whistles’ to the racists among their working class base voters to distract them from how they’re being screwed routinely by the Republican policies. This is accomplished by throwing the blame on minorities and ‘government spending’ (on ‘them’) which is in turn blamed on Democrats. Nevermind that members of the poor white underclass are the biggest recipients of the safety net programs.

Trump recently tweeted “Don’t let the Dems take elections away from you so that they can raise taxes & waste money!”

Many commenters noted what a hypocrite he was having just sent the debt and deficit skyrocketing by both the tax cuts and the massive spending he projected for military and infrastructure.

For those noting the rank hypocrisy of him saying ‘Dems waste money,’ keep in mind it’s a very old and reliable part of the RW Big Lie that translates as ‘they spend money on welfare & foodstamps’ which of course further translates as ‘they give your money to lazy blacks.’ Of course the last version is cleaned up to not use the actual word they use for ‘blacks.’

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