Jim Hightower wrote a piece about the Kochs.

I was moved to make a comment on his Facebook page. It got a lot of response and positive feedback and even some reposts.


The Koch Klan is funding a stealthy war against the principle of the Common Good

I’ve always wondered what they plan to do if they succeed in their efforts.

What are they going to do with all the rest of us?

They are against any form of assistance, or care, so they won’t feed, house or clothe us. They are against a decent or living wage, so no one has the ability to provide for themselves, much less become entrepreneurs. Who is going to buy whatever it is they produce if no one has enough to live on? What’s left for all the moochers and takers?

It has always appeared to me that they’ve neglected to think of that in their all-consuming crusade to restore their “freedom” and increase their own wealth, power and prerogatives. If we are to become slaves for them, won’t they have to at least feed us and keep us healthy so we can produce for the producers? Not to mention paying for security to keep the riots and violence suppressed when they fail to keep folks happy. Isn’t that expense and effort equivalent to paying taxes and decent wages?

I often think of how much they’ve spent to accomplish their goals, billions and billions. Have they crunched the numbers? Will they become so much richer if society is reordered their way, so that they’ll have many more billions even after deducting those expenses toward what they’ll have to pay to keep a workforce alive? What good are all those extra billions they’ll have anyhow? Isn’t their life comfortable enough already if they can easily dispose of billions to be able to have still more billions?


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