Boomer Bashing?

The term boomer, or ‘baby boomer’ has been so misused and abused over the years, and we’ve particularly come under fire from the millennials as being to blame for all the ills in the world today. Nothing could be further from the truth, in my humble opinion.

I’ve taken to trying to push back when I see rants against the ‘boomers’ in online comments, particularly when they confuse us with the ‘yuppies’ and their unabashed greed and materialism.

Here’s one of my replies on Facebook attempting to clarify the history:

The Post:

The Comment:

 It’s too bad we had 3 decades of Dr spock don’t spank your kid , time out , Helmet wearing, ribbon for all, we’re all equal , don’t hurt their feelings , don’t shame them upbringing. …. the old saying goes we reap what we sew . Glad I raised my kids completely opposite, they all are good kids with respect to others and an understanding of life not always being fair .

Reading the boomer bashing in this thread makes me think none of you know who or what boomers are, what they did or what they fought for and against.

Jake Lara sounds like you’re parents were red necks, pardon the elitism, but its how they’re colloquially known. That behavior has zip to do with their generation and is cultural related to their surrounding peer associations. They sound utterly atypical of most boomers, who were mostly known for fighting for civil rights, against the war, against the corporate establishment, military industrial complex, against pollution and environmental destruction, against greed and selfishness, for justice, equality and peace, for living in harmony with each other and nature, simply, low impact, anti-materialistic, anti-consumerism. Most of us still do.

Not everyone born over the 20 year span of increased birthrate had the same values and consequent behavior. The latter half, mostly rejected the former’s idealism and embraced the ‘greed is good’, “get mine now’, and ‘screw the future and their fellow man and the planet’ ethos of the Reagan era yuppies.

Dr. Spock was popular in the 50s when my generation was raised. We still got spanked. No idea what he advised on that. Discipline and hard work was drilled into us by our parents of the depression WW 2 generation who were blue collar middle class thanks to unions and a short lived corporate culture of giving back to society, not total greed for profit as now (but far from perfect. i.e. the Vietnam war)

The parenting style of self esteem building, participation trophies, everyone is wonderful, there are no losers…came into vogue in the 80s and as with many trends got taken to extremes with unforeseen consequences. Who conceived it and popularized it is hard to pin down.

I can’t believe I typed all that on my phone only able to see 3 lines. Lol. Hope it makes sense.

Tl;dr version: don’t generalize about phony generational labels.

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