Homeward Bound

As I sat on my deck enjoying the rare sunshine and 65° warmth this afternoon, sipping my post nap coffee, gazing at the heavens, floating up there among the clouds, I heard a familiar sound in the distance. As always, my heart rose up there with them as they flew above me, honking with pure joy and what I perceived as exhilaration to just be flying, traveling, moving on.

I had just received your email on my phone Billy. I felt and shared your heartbreak for all those lost, and so I raised the phone to take a photo to share, imagining I was soaring amongst the flock, taking my rightful place in the line, gliding along smoothly in the slipstream created by my stronger and wiser leaders, so all in our flock could travel more effortlessly into our future. It made me think of how you must have felt flying those massive silver birds through the skies.

It filled me with the urge to fly, to flee back to my home in a northern latitude where people are more friendly and wise and caring for each other in a harsh environment where their survival depends upon their mutual cooperation and good will…and where they don’t suffer from tragedies that might be prevented by mutual consent.

Mutual consent. Like the geese who took turns sharing the burdens of leadership for the sake of their fellows. Perhaps considering the needs of our fellow man is something we in this country might put above our own selfish needs and desires…

Freedom they say.

It is our “freedom” they claim they must protect.

Aren’t those geese flying in formation, each doing their part to make their journey home a bit less difficult for each other, aren’t they free?

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