Both Sides Do It!

They’re all the same!

A handy reference chart to the differences between “Liberals” & “Conservatives”


Ordinary American People
sometimes referred to as “The Liberals” or “You Libtards”
Self Identified Conservatives
sometimes referred to as “The Base” or “Low Information Voters”


Not OK. Ever.

You’re such a snowflake! Why can’t you accept my opinion?


Not OK. Ever

Why can’t you accept a different opinion? You’re the intolerant ones!


What’s the question?
Equal rights? Of course.
Role in society? Whatever they want to be, like anyone else.
Equal pay? Are you kidding me? Why is this even still an issue?

Tradition! Family values! Argle bargle…!!!1!!1!!

Gay marriage? LGBTQ rights?

Absolutely. Of course. Love is love.

You’re attacking my religious freedom! I can discriminate against whoever I want!

Separation of Church and State?


This is a white Christian Nation. Don’t like it? GTFO!

Wall St., Big Banks, Finance industry?

We really need some rules so they don’t crash the world economy

Let them do what they want! Freedom!

Labor Relations? Unions?

We need some rules so they don’t exploit workers.
Collective bargaining levels the playing field. Equal partners, both sides need to realize they need each other.

Let them exploit us! Freedom!


We’re all in this together. Together, if everyone contributes, we can accomplish amazing things.

Screw you, I got mine. You’re on your own. Freedom!

Welfare? Food stamps?

You never know when you might need help thru no fault of your own. (see Big Banks and finance answer.) Miniscule % of spending, well worth it even if there is an even more miniscule %
of fraud.

Moochers! Takers. Let them die! Freedom!


Single payer, Medicare for all. Like every other developed country in the world.

Let them die.


We need some rules so we don’t all die from toxins in our air, water and food.

Let us die.


Is there anything we can do to stop all these mass murders?

Let us kill!!
Don’t even talk about it!
2nd Amendment!!!
Also too,  Freedom!


We need some well-crafted rules so criminal behavior is
deterred and behavior that benefits us all is rewarded and encouraged. We need healthy debate from all viewpoints how to best craft these laws. Our multi-layered representative system of checks and balances is ideal for accomplishing this goal. Well, maybe not so much these days…can we talk about fixing this?

Bad! Evil! Oppressive!
Eliminate it! Destroy it!
Drown it in the bathtub!

Well, unless we use it to implement strict laws enforcing ancient moral codes for personal private behavior (sex, we’re talking about sex, your sex) written thousands of years ago for a nomadic desert tribe. That is a must do!

Foreign Relations?

Can’t we all get along? Let’s talk.

We bad. We’ll kick your ass. Don’t even think of fucking with us.


Very complex and multi-layered issue. Let’s look for
socio-economic solutions, diplomatic solutions, financial solutions. How can we manage this so our country benefits and so
do those who feel the need to come here? Can we help improve other countries economic status and opportunities thru trade agreements, investment, ongoing bilateral discussion & negotiations? How can we help fix the root problems driving the mass exodus? Can we mitigate or control the negative effects of globalization? We need the best and the brightest to put energy into addressing this and work together to find solutions.

Build a Wall.

A big beautiful wall.

Also too, GTFO!

And Stay Out!


Who me? Average middle class white guy here. We come in other colors, classes, genders, shapes and sizes too. Sure, ok, call me that. It means open minded, not attached to an ideology or belief system. To seek the best solutions to any given problem.

THE ENEMY!! Snowflakes! Arrogant condescending POS. Can’t wait til the shooting starts. Evil. The Devil, SATAN!!!! They want to destroy the country and our values. Leftists, Terrorists, Thugs! BLM! Antifa! Violent agitators. Big Gay! War on Christmas!! Green-haired Lesbian Commies!!!1 Also too…Intolerant smug assholes!!!


WTF is wrong with these people? Why do they consistently take the most illogical, disastrous, abhorrent and immoral position on every issue? Why do they continually support policy that increases their own misery and suffering and attack and destroy policies meant to improve their lives and opportunities? Why don’t they respond to, or even open themselves to listen to reason, facts, or common sense, but react to any attempt to discuss the relative merit of any ideas as a deeply personal attack and only become more entrenched in their self-defeating positions and beliefs?

Maybe they really are a Basket of Deplorables?*

The Real Americans

*The too easy answer often associated with Liberals in the minds of Conservatives is we think they’re all “A Basket of Deplorables.”

No, we don’t think that all conservatives are deplorable, although most of the deplorables do identify as conservative: the usual suspects of racists, sexists, nativists, xenophobes, neo-nazis, white supremacists, dominionists, greedy, ultra-wealthy, self serving, billionaire Ayn Rand acolytes,  etc.

Generally, they fall into 3 main groups with many sub groups and satellite groups:

Republican Establishment types aka Country Club Republicans aka Old School Republicans. Business owners, large and small, Wall St. types and those who think some day they’ll be rich beyond their wildest dreams. (this group is not really represented by the right column stances…that’s the other two, mostly the third.)

The ironically titled “Religious Right” consisting of brain washed zombies (too harsh?) mostly intent on defending a perverted version of “Christianity” and at the extreme, installing a theocracy that would enforce a very strict and extremely cherry-picked version of old testament Mosaic law. It’s shocking and hard to believe, but this group of people was deliberately created for the sole purpose of forming a reliable right-wing voting bloc.

Poor white working class and lower middle class, mostly traditionalist, both urban and rural, southern, midwestern, and even northern, who consistently “vote against their best interests” (in our not so humble opinion). Often the punditry also add the adjective of less educated, or even uneducated, but I have found that to not be a factor. The key factor is environment, the people and organizations they surround themselves with to create their own bubble and reinforce their own perception of reality and “values.” These are the people who were once our “base,” the original coalition Democratic Party, who elected FDR to 4 consecutive terms, created and installed the “New Deal” and kept liberals in power for most of the last century until the so-called “Reagan Revolution” flipped them. (see sidebar)

Until then, “Liberalism” was the mainstream, centrist, and accepted political position and defacto definition of “American Values.” These same folks now hate “Liberals” with a red hot passion that precludes any calm discussion of real issues, actual positions, or intent. This group was not created, but was targeted in much the same manner as the “Religious Right” with long term and very effective propaganda and cultural conditioning and for the same reasons.

Thus it appears to me that many conservatives are severely misinformed or uninformed. (But don’t try to tell them that!)

We try to talk to them, start a dialogue, share facts and information, but can’t get past the rage and hate. Forget even trying to compare viewpoints and debate which is the best way forward, the only way forward…and which is absolutely essential to making peace, healing divisions, and making progress. That is absolutely a no go.

Today I got called an arrogant condescending POS, a hater, snowflake, etc. etc… for simply asking what their viewpoint was, specifically what they thought ours was and why they opposed it. The pile on that ensued was off the charts. It was mind boggling. Needless to say, I did not get an answer, only more rage and ridicule, including claiming I called them ignorant, stupid, etc. Which is pretty much the only clue I got as to why they went after me. Apparently we seem arrogant to them if we ask them to speak their mind. Touchy much? And I deliberately and carefully avoided doing so. And still KABOOM!!! Today was simply insane. It rocked my world, even more than usual.

Ok, so there is evidently some knee jerk behavioral conditioning happening here, they do get thoroughly trounced whenever it manages to get to an actual debate. They don’t want a debate. I stopped even trying years ago. They want to be left alone and accepted the way they are and live the way they live and treat others the way they want to and not be called on it. Ever. Simply asking them about their positions is seen as an attack, an invitation to go to war, infers they will have to defend themselves and their values and so they go on offense. And they do get stereotyped. Of course they do. So do we. Then they validate the stereotype and in their eyes we validate ours.

Not sure what we can do about this. Still want to try and communicate…find a way to break through the impasse…somehow…

Hence my attempt to create this table of contrasting views. I’m sure the right side entries would make them go ballistic, but it’s how they are seen, how they act for the most part, (always exceptions of course) and it’s pretty much true to what I actually hear from them. The sad-ironic part is they will claim that’s how ‘the media’ stereotypes them, when the reality is the media they watch and trust and believe propagates the stereotype of “The Liberals” as shown on their side of the chart. Then anyone who attempts to “correct” or “educate” them as to the reality of…well, anything…ends up reinforcing the already deeply embedded conception of “Liberals” as arrogant, condescending assholes by the mere act of trying to talk to them.

My real goal in making this chart when I started was to get them to see how we see ourselves, what our side, our views really are…and maybe realize that the stereotypes they’ve had instilled in them about us by 40 years of intensive RW propaganda may be manipulating them to hate us for all the wrong reasons…somewhat…you think?

I thought for years, decades, that if we could wake them up to how they’ve been tricked, used, abused, how they themselves had elected the people and party and put the policies in place that were making their lives miserable…we’d once again have a united political constituency that would be unstoppable…as once existed when we really did strive to Make America Great and were making strides in that direction…

Sadly, it does not seem possible anymore.

I dunno…maybe I’ll just move to Canada permanent…

1 ‘Green-haired Lesbian Commies’ is inspired by a message to the angry leftists from an american infantryman
This appeared on Facebook quickly going viral the day after the women’s march the day after the inauguration. As absurd and utterly ridiculous as it is, and despite it being something one would think any sane person of any political persuasion would see through, it was shared and liked by many, including some people I’d known for decades…

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